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PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Monday, July 25, 2011

Many (good) Changes

A lot of things have happened since I posted last...the main thing is that Atlanta came back to be my forever dog!  She got kennel cough in the kennel and was sick for a long, long, time!  :(  Poor Atlanta!  She was career changed for having a soft trachea.
Now, she gets to do many fun (and naughty) things such as...

Sleeping on the bed...

getting her nails painted...

Don't I look pretty?

I was very busy, but I am going to try and post more often!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Atlanta!

(By Atlanta)
I, Atlanta have two lives.  I may seem like a mild mannered nurse that cleans puppies...

like this one.

I clean her ears, mouth, tummy, ect.  Pretty boring, huh?


Super Atlanta, the bone carrying dog!

I carry bones to my masters in their hour of need!

(while a certian puppy can not master the worthy skill of carrying
more than one bone in her mouth at a time)

I am always on the job!